Unanswered Calls Hurt

Missing phone calls is poor customer service.
Voicelytics makes it easy to track & manage Missed Calls



Working with others in your industry

The Business Dilemma

A dissatisfied customer is one who feels a business did not provide a product
or service as expected and as a result not returning to the business.

Dissatisfied &Unhappy Customers

The customer may be annoyed or frustrated
with your business. Act quickly to assist and
resolve complaints by unhappy customers.

Existing Underutilised data

Too often, businesses utilize only a
fraction of the data that they have
available to them.

Unaware of Missed Calls

Missed calls are one of the major revenue
leakage areas for any business. A missed
call is a missed opportunity.

Phone line is Constantly Engaged

Have you ever called into to a business only
to get a busy signal? You're not alone. Don't miss a call if one of your lines are busy.

Make every call count

Great customer experience is the main goal of every business. Every call is important, and a smart communication platform provides your agents with the tools they need to make a first impression.

Sales Enquiries 67%
RentaI Enquiries 22%
Support Enquiries 11%

Call Group Mgmt

The business landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and as a result of new technologies, the customer’s behavior has shifted from focusing on traditional customer satisfaction metrics to creating a customer experience.

Discover how our Call Group Management solution can enable your customers to be automatically routed to the right agents/department, to handle their inquiry, anywhere in the world and according to their needs.

Providing your customer with a personalised service for each interaction with advanced IVR, auto reception, and a powerful, Dynamic Call Queues system to help you stay competitive and informed.

Drive Customer

Enhance Customer Experience
& Drive Incremental Revenue


Put yourself infront of your
customers and promote
other products

Communicate Your
Brand Value

Reinforce your company
branding to continue
heightening brand

Increase Revenue

Enhance Customer Experience
& Drive Incremental Revenue

Unlock business Values

Make Informed Decisions and uncover Real-Time Conversation Insights.
Use data to improve your business performance and streamline your
customer experience journey.

Bring more smarts to your business

Our Analytics are real time, meaning you can make decisions in real time. Analyse data for a specific group of employees to better understand of business and staffing needs.

One step back, Ten steps forward

Get a snapshot of call activity for your entire organisation, by displaying business-critical information to increase transparency
and empower decision-making

Create a full Contact Centre in the Cloud

Built on resilient infrastructure, our platform enables you to operate a Call Centre without geographical boundaries, whether you are Melbourne, Singapore or India.

Empowering Australian Businesses

Learn more about our customers

Transform the way your business communicate

Smart Companies use Voicelytics to add value to their Business Communications

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