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YPA St Albans is an established brand setting themselves as a benchmark for the industry in their local area. Over the long tenure with their existing service provider, YPA experienced a wide range of issues with the biggest being the mis-management by their provider during a planned Phone Transition to have their service moved over to a Commander SHDSL (Previously ADSL). This ‘experiment’ resulted in the office not having access to receive any calls from customers for almost a week.

Reliability issues aside, Voicelytics sat down with YPA Director Gioan Pham to the discuss the future outlook for Technology and how it related to his Business goals. “Our existing system was very out-of-date, and it lacked features that we thought were quite simple.” YPA St Albans adopted the Call Group Management (CGM) feature which has been invaluable for the business. Real Estate Agencies receive many calls and sometimes it becomes unmanageable. “I did not realise CGM was even a thing. I love it that I can just reach out to my device and see when my staff are getting plastered with calls – this obviously means I have an opportunity to mitigate this risk.”

“Since moving onto Voicelytics, it has been very convenient that I could just pick up the phone and know that there would be somebody on the other side in a manner of minutes, even at odd hours.” Pham mentioned that in the past, it would not be out of the ordinary for him or his staff to wait at least 45 minutes to have a basic issue sorted. The transition to Voicelytics was smooth with the new system deployed within ‘One hour’ with an outage time of 15 minutes i.e. disruption to the business.

The primary difference when I speak to somebody at Voicelytics is that it feels like we are part of the same team. They work with us to figure out alternatives to a problem even if they are not the cause of it, and that alone is beyond a compelling reason for us to switch.

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