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Westside Real Estate was looking for an alternative system and a new way to efficiently engage with their customers. Inadvertently, it also turned out to save them a fortune in the process.

The quality of our service and the level of care we bestow on our clients set us apart, backed up by a strong investment in technology.

Westside Real Estate were using a Commander PABX system in a traditional set up where a dedicated staff member would triage calls, directing them to the relevant department. With any Aging System, every time there was an issue, they would have to call out a technician and it was simply becoming too costly to maintain. The Receptionist would be committing hours of the day directing calls about Sales that we’re going to Rental Managers and or vice versa.

In searching for a replacement, Management from Westside did a cost/benefit analysis of known providers but in the end decided that a Voicelytics solution would be the best decision for the business. Voicelytics reduced the monthly spend of Westside by over 50% and additionally introduced a streamlined process using ‘Call Groups’, which alleviated the total amount of touch points a customer would need when calling in. This in turn improved their Customer Journey as it also meant less transferring of calls – “We all know customers hate it when we transfer the calls one too many times”.

“As we ourselves grow, its great knowing that Voicelytics will be able to grow and change with us.” – Managing Director, Michael Nincevic


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