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Prior to Voicelytics, PFG Group used a phone system that couldn’t meet the needs of a modern, decentralised work force. Staff struggled with the manual and arduous process of provisioning new phones particularly at remote sites, and management had no visibility or metrics to understand what was happening on the ground.

Federal and local governments began to look much more closely at the rules governing the financial industry.

“As a strong believer in Technology, everything we do is predicated on Digital and the phone system we picked through Voicelytics meets that criteria. When you are a start-up looking to compete with the bigger players, Agility and Innovation is key.”

Will FinTech will drive the new Business Model?

Spread across Australia and India with a geographically dispersed number of branch offices, the PFG Group needed a modern communications platform that enabled staff to work from anywhere while staying connected to Head Office. As an existing user of VoIP Telecommunications, they were also in pursuit of a provider that could deliver better international call routing (in terms of call quality), and an overall uplift in functionality given the limited flexibility from their current system. PFG had strong aspirations to better track call information and integrate with their existing CRM system.

Voicelytics provided a flexible way for staff to work with branch staff, mobile lenders and the flexibility for staff to work remotely from home. By empowering a work from anywhere mentality, PFG empowered their staff to communicate from anywhere. Voicelytics also provided PFG with a comprehensively tailored Web Services API solution which was used to integrate with their in-house CRM.

“Voicelytics has been monumental in providing us with the capability we need to deliver our core business value and better connect with our customers.” – Ashok Mathew, Managing Director


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