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First National Real Estate wanted a provider that could handle their day-to-day needs, brand their business, reduce to risk of losing potential listings and overall provide a better Customer Service Experience.

Treating customers with the same level of service and courtesy that they would want to receive themselves.

First National Real Estate used Telstra’s local PABX system with ISDN Primary Lines. Staff at the office found the existing system came with a very high cost, and lacked some very basic functionality in an era of Technology. Given that the maximum number of calls is limited by the number of physical lines you purchase with an ISDN solution, with more than 50 calls coming in per day, this was unacceptable for their customers. As a result, complaints were piling and First National Real Estate was losing potential listings.

“Whilst the process to convert from an ISDN solution to VoIP can be long and risky due to the ‘big bang’ nature of switching services, Voicelytics guided us through every step to ensure us there would be no outage, or have a plan in place should an outage be required.”

Voicelytics provided First National Real Estate with an unlimited amount of Concurrent Calls, and provided ‘Marketing on Hold’ functionality which in simple terms was another method to promote and upsell our products and services. First National also adopted the Voicelytics Dashboard to better understand how missed calls were being handled, which overtime reduced the amount of complaints coming back to the business.


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