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“Loan Market and EasyLink Conveyancing was looking for a service with a wide range of features and smarts.”

The intense regulatory climate has not only generated a more honest approach to business but in turn has created transparency within the finance & Conveyancing industry.

Growing Business looking for a scalable solution. Coming from a local Avaya system, Loan Market and Easylink Conveyancing wanted calls to be going to the relevant department (Conveyancing and Financial Services). Existing system was not flexible and had limited functionality. They also wanted to explore Marketing and Branding features. Together with the Voicelytics Analytics module, LM and EL are able to establish which departments are busy which provides management with visibility to appropriately roster staff.

“Our Experience has been seamless and the analytics suite has provided valuable insights. The Voicelytics Team provided after hours implementation options to ensure minimum downtime to our operations.I know we can rely on Voicelytics to help us through issues or train us on new features. We are confident that Voicelytics will continue to grow with us through the years.”


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