We believe every business should have access to information about their customers calling behaviors, and we’re building the technology to make it happen.

Its all about helping you achieve a
better'Customer Experience'

What is Voicelytics?

Harnessing the power of Analytics, Voicelytics is a Data-First Communications provider to help Businesses better understand their Customers. At Voicelytics, we believe every business should have access to information about their customers calling behaviors. This in turn creates an opportunity to enable them to better understand the needs of their customers.

For us at Voicelytics, Its all about helping you achieve a
better 'Customer Experience'.

A brief history behind our story

The magic behind the scenes. No matter what size our business grows to, there are certain things that will always be central to Voicelytics

2012 Inception

Founded by three entrepreneurs who saw opportunities that would solve problems that affected everyday people, the company originally began as a Managed Services Company for Small Businesses

2016 New Horizons and the Journey into Data

The company invests into Research and Development activities in the fields of Data Analysis, Big Data and Service Science. The team begins software development activities on a proof of concept for Telecommunication Analytics.The first iteration of the Analytics suite was released in Q3 of 2017.

2013 Driving Business Value

Driving Business value with the “Talk is cheap” campaign -‘Voicein’ Enters the Market. The company had shifted its overall direction in providing a variety of Technology Services, now purely focusing on Telecommunication Services (VoIP). With the establishment and commitment of the government in delivering a National Broadband Network, and with VoIP still in its infancy phase, the company established Voicein as a new entrant to the market with ‘Service Differentiation’ and ‘Educating the consumers’ as the key elements in the new Business Model.

2018 Initial Release of 'Voicelytics' Platform

In January 2018, Voicelytics is launched and begin the next chapter in empowering Businesses across the country.

Transform the way your business communicate

Smart Companies use Voicelytics to add value to their Business Communications

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